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- Strategic Commitment to Deutsche Boerse's New Offering for European Blue Chips Scheduled Q4/2009

RTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading trading solutions provider, announced today that it will launch a gateway to connect directly to Deutsche Boerse's pan-European blue chip trading platform, Xetra(R) International Market (XIM), scheduled for launch in the fourth quarter of 2009.

The new Deutsche Boerse platform, based on the exchange's Xetra electronic trading platform, will enable participants in 18 different countries to extend seamlessly their trading operations to include highly liquid European equities from across those countries, including all Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50(R) stocks.

RTS will offer access to the new platform through its entire portfolio of trading solutions, including its cutting-edge proprietary and FIX-based application programming interfaces (APIs), the RTS front-end trading systems RTD and eRTD, as well as RTD Tango, its low latency and high performance algorithmic trading solution.

As one of the original technology providers to the German financial markets offering access to more than 100 marketplaces globally, we are pleased to offer connectivity to Xetra International Market. This new pan-European offering reinforces our commitment to providing our customer base an ever-growing base of new trading opportunities across all asset classes, said Mark van Vugt, Managing Director, Europe.

A hosted version of the RTD Tango algorithmic trading platform will enable market participants globally to access XIM and existing cash and derivatives markets in a low latency environment while keeping trading and infrastructure costs under control.

With XIM, we will enable our market participants to tap into new trading and arbitrage opportunities, said Michael Krogmann, Executive Director, Head of Sales Cash Market Development at Deutsche Boerse AG. Participants will also benefit from our expertise and the efficiency of the existing superior infrastructure for low latency algorithmic trading. Cleared by Eurex Clearing, Europe's largest central counterparty, customers will profit from reduced client risk and optimized efficiencies.

About RTS Realtime Systems Group

RTS is a leading solutions provider with offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm and Sydney, and distribution partners in Greece, India, Italy, Taiwan and Japan. Founded in 1992, RTS is a pioneer in the design and creation of high performance, functionally rich, multi-asset electronic trading software, with thousands of user connections to over 100 exchanges and liquidity pools.

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About Deutsche Boerse

Deutsche Borse Group is one of the world's leading service providers for the securities industry with a product and service offering for issuers, investors, intermediaries and data vendors. The Group covers the entire process chain from trading, through clearing, to settlement and securities custody. Furthermore, Deutsche Börse offers market data, indices and analyses and is a service provider for the development and operation of IT systems.

Deutsche Borse Group is based in Frankfurt/Main and has offices in key financial centers around the globe: in Europe in London, Luxembourg, Moscow, Paris and Zurich; in the US in Chicago and New York; and in Asia in Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

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