MILTON KEYNES, England, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Safenames announces that it has become the to first company to be accredited by the United Kingdom ENUM Consortium ( UKEC) to be validation agent for UK (+44) ENUM . Using ENUM will greatly lower telecommunication expenses and is expected to quickly revolutionize the way that we communicate.

With the recent announcement by NOMINET that (+44) ENUM can now be registered in the United Kingdom, corporate domain name registrar and Web hosting provider Safenames has recently announced that it has become a validation agent in addition to being a registration company for (+44) ENUMs provisioned by the registry authority NOMINET. ENUM, the globally approved standard protocol allows traditional telephony systems that work on a switched network (PSTN) to connect to modern Internet Protocol based networks is expected to minimize cost telecommunications costs for companies and revolutionize they way that we communicate. ENUM transforms a telephone number into a domain name which allows the number to be entered into the root zone file of the authoritative registry database.

By using ENUM, two distinct Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) networks can connect directly with each other without ever having to pass through a PSTN network essentially eliminating the cost of making the actual call. Phone numbers that are registered and use ENUM can use a universal identifier or single number, commonly called Find me, Follow Me number that will allow them to configure how they receive communications based on specific criteria their physical location or time of day via intelligent routing technology using DNS.

We are very excited to be selected as the first validation agent for (+44) ENUM and to be one of the first ENUM registrars. Registering and validating ENUMs is a natural match for our company and the services that we have provide to global companies for over ten years. While we envision the initial use of ENUM to be linking VOIP phone systems, but we believe that there are a plethora of both business and personal applications that will evolve from the use of ENUM., said Jon Stock, director of Technology Services at Safenames.

An ENUM is registered in a similar way to traditional domains names, however, unlike domain names only the actual owner of a particular phone number can register the ENUM for that number. This phone number validation is performed by Safenames prior to the complete of an ENUM registration. This eliminates the problem with cyber-squatters and individuals who register someone else's trademarks that commonly occur in the gTLD and ccTLD name space.

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Safenames is a leading global domain name registration company that specializes in corporate domain portfolio management and online trademark infringement protection services. Safenames is also an accredited registrar for (+44) ENUM in the UK, (+49) ENUM in Germany. The company is headquartered in Milton Keynes, England with regional offices in Vienna, Virginia, and Sydney, Australia. Safenames is a privately held company founded in 1997 and received ICANN accreditation in 2002.

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