CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Simbionix, the world's leading developer of medical simulation systems, today announced an agreement with Johnson Johnson LLC for distribution of Simbionix's simulators and related products.

Johnson Johnson, LLC operates in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries and is one of the subsidiaries of Johnson Johnson.

Johnson Johnson LLC will have exclusive rights to distribute Simbionix's line of advanced medical simulators in hospitals in the Russia and CIS countries.

We are very excited to enter into this collaboration with Johnson Johnson LLC to bring our advanced simulators into the Russian republic' hospitals, teaching facilities and interventional clinics, said Simbionix CEO Gary Zamler. This agreement ushers in a new era of simulation-based training for Russia's medical community and we envision beneficial for the countries covered by the agreement, Johnson Johnson LLC,and Simbionix.

In the last year, Simbionix has increased its distribution channels and its exposure to the international market, explains Mr. Doron Zilberman, Simbionix's VP of International Sales. We see Russia as one of the leading markets in the emerging medical world; this agreement is an additional step of our on going success in the international market ...

About Simbionix

Simbionix is a global leader in medical simulation technology. Simbionix mission is to provide state of the art, computer-assisted metrics-based surgical simulation systems, and set the standard for minimally invasive surgical training and performance.

Simbionix products provide medical experts with hands-on training in a comprehensive array of MIS procedures, including; GI Endoscopy, Endourology, percutaneous access, advanced laparoscopic procedures and Endovascular procedures. Visit

Contact: Inbal Mazor VP Marketing Simbionix Tel: +972-8-9211177 ext. 222

Contact: Inbal Mazor, VP Marketing, Simbionix,, Tel: +972-8-9211177 ext. 222