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- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center Expands Technology Relationship

Somatic Digital announced today that it gained a significant U.S. Government contract to provide NASA Goddard Flight Center with a Custom Solution Provider Partner Program and an unspecified number of eTouchBooks(TM) embedded with the Touch User Interface (TUI) technology. The TUI is to the printed page what the Graphic User Interface (GUI) is to the computer screen.

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The eTouchBook enables readers of normally and Braille printed materials to touch the page and retrieve linked digital content or launch communication applications on a computer. By acting as a touch screen user interface, the printed page becomes a portal to the digital environment. This direct linking of print and digital assets creates a new ecosystem of contents and services for publishers, authors, and content creators.

"The eTouchBook created by Somatic Digital will allow NASA to provide a powerful multimedia tool that will make Earth science and any other science content come alive for students with different learning styles and abilities including those who are blind or deaf, or who require a combination of sensory inputs to grasp important concepts," said Dr. Elissa Levine, a scientist in the Biospheric Sciences Branch at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

According to Jason E. Barkeloo, Founder & President, Somatic Digital, "We are pleased to expand our technology relationship with NASA. Their vision and commitment to providing printed and digital science content to everyone in a universally designed way makes them an ideal partner to distribute the eTouchBook ecosystem."

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Somatic Digital, LLC is a developer of the Touch User Interface (TUI) technology and the tools for implementing the technology into publishing workflows. The TUI technology creates a "touch screen" experience with the regular printed page. By connecting paper directly to services and digital content that can reside on optical media, the Internet, or hard-drives, an entire ecosystem is created around the ordinary printed page. Through its unique licensing product (Partner Program), entrepreneurs, marketers, publishers, and anyone wishing to create products around linking print and digital assets are able to do so inexpensively. As a designer of universally designed TUI technology, our technology can be used for inclusion and persons with disabilities, including interactive tactile images and Braille.

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