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SunGard has packaged its Ambit Payments solution together with Sun Microsystems' software and hardware to deliver a pre-tested and pre-configured solution for corporate payments. The new solution, Ambit Corporate Payments Express, will be offered as an off-the-shelf solution that will help banks capture new corporate payments and cash management services business (

Ambit Corporate Payments Express will offer banks a cash management and payments solution for corporate services, which can scale easily as more clients are acquired and more users are needed. A SOX-compliant white-labelled solution, it is designed to help provide secure payments processing, support multiple formats, payments and instruments, and help achieve ease of integration and connection. Banks will be able to offer corporate clients a global payments service that will help streamline the processing and management of payments and account statements, improve visibility into payment streams and cash flows, and manage the complexity of connectivity with internal and external systems - including SWIFT.

The solution will be deployed on selected Sun SPARC Enterprise CMT servers with CoolThreads technology. It will also be deployed on Intel Xeon Sun Fire x64 server platforms running Solaris Cluster technology in combination with GlassFish (standards-based Java EE), Java CAPS Financial EAI and the MySQL database servers. Sun systems with CoolThreads technology will help customers tackle the demands of secure Web-scale computing while helping to reduce space and energy consumption.

Ambreesh Khanna, global head of financial services at Sun Microsystems, commented: By leveraging Sun's technology, SunGard has created a unique pre-packaged corporate payments solution. We expect that Ambit Corporate Payments Express will help banks improve time-to-market and reduce risk as the solution has been tested, benchmarked and pre-configured. The solution's underlying infrastructure software and hardware stack has been optimized for performance, allowing banks to host a maximum number of corporate clients on a single configuration, helping to improve total cost-of-ownership.

Kevin Ferguson, senior vice president, business development for SunGard's banks and corporation business, said: In today's volatile climate, corporations are focused on improving their liquidity management and are relying on their bank to provide the appropriate services. Additionally, banks are looking to capture new corporate customers by entering new areas. They must therefore be able to offer payment services that assist with automation, process optimization and international expansion. Ambit Corporate Payments Express will help banks offer these services quickly and efficiently.

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