LUCCA, Italy, May 27 /PRNewswire/ --

- Unified Solution for Performance Management and Financial Governance Minimizes Business Complexity

Tagetik, a global provider of CPM and Financial Governance solutions, today announced the release of Tagetik 3.0 at its 2009 User Conference. This new product enables companies to simplify the complexity of day-to-day business operations.

Tagetik 3.0 is more than a new product - it's a reflection of our vision and mission, explains Manuel Vellutini, Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik. Simplexity is an emerging theory which suggests that complexity and simplicity are actually complementary. We taglined this release 'Business Simplexity' because our product truly provides a way to help organizations condense all Performance Management and Financial Governance products into a one solution with a single user interface and database. Thanks to the built-in functionalities and cross-platform technology, companies can reduce their stand-alone systems and leverage their existing infrastructure. As a result, they can reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 50%, and, as announced today, they have a return on investment of 298%.

Tagetik 3.0 was designed to help CFOs and CIOs simplify complex business processes. Using this complete, closed-loop solution, they can manage and control performance, support compliance initiatives, harmonize different views of critical financial data, and maximize visibility down to individual business transactions. This single software solution unifies all key Performance Management and Financial Governance processes including:

- Budgeting, Planning and Consolidation - Financial Governance - Strategy Management - Profitability Modeling - Working Capital Analysis

Using Tagetik 3.0, companies can truly translate their strategies into actions, see how different scenarios could affect the outcome and take corrective actions at an early stage, adds Vellutini. In addition, they can use this same information to generate accurate financial forecasts that are fully transparent and compliant as well.

Keeping with the concept of simplexity, Tagetik also announced the relaunch of its corporate Web site. In a new multimedia area called 'The Tagetik Channel', users can surf through four new content areas to watch Tagetik events, case studies, product demos and other information at any time and any place.

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