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- BREW Operator Creates India's First Full Mobile Internet Service

Novarra, the leader in mobile web gateway platforms and services, today announced that its Vision(TM) platform is powering Tata Indicom's market-leading full mobile internet service. The service is available on popular mass-market handsets such as the Motorola RAZR and the Samsung Explore.

Tata Indicom customers can use these handsets to access any website, including popular destinations like shaadi, rediff and crickinfo-anytime, anywhere. With Novarra's Vision server, complex websites are transformed to deliver pages fast and in a user-friendly manner over Tata Indicom's state-of-the-art CDMA 1X mobile network. With Novarra's Vision micro-client version 5.0 for BREW on these handsets, Tata Indicom customers gain additional speed and an easy, intuitive mobile web experience.

The ground-breaking service is offered at prices ranging from Rs 10 per day to Rs 99 per month, with unlimited data usage. Tata Teleservices, one of India's fastest-growing telecoms service providers, is now actively extending the service to many of its 20 million customers, with a larger base of enabled handsets.

The Vision platform is designed ground up to deliver the web to mass-market handsets on mobile networks. Websites are automatically transformed to be visually and functionally optimized for each handset type. The payload on the mobile network is reduced by up to 90% due to the innovative Vision server architecture. The suite of Vision micro-clients are designed for optimum performance on each device type, and provide advanced usability features such as zoom, history and content prioritization. The service includes Novarra's Mobile Dashboard(TM), which enables consumers to get instant 'one-click' access to popular websites, as well as e-mail and search functions.

"We are pleased that Tata Indicom recognizes that the internet is a critical daily-use application, for all ages and walks of life. Removing the handicap of requiring a computer and a cable is a key step forward for consumers and the mobile industry," Bruce Simpson, Novarra's chief operating officer, said. "Novarra's server and micro-client solutions have been designed to give consumers a fast and rich mobile experience on any mobile phone. The Vision platforms provide robustness and scalability for large-scale deployments."

Pankaj Sethi, president, value added services, Tata Teleservices Ltd., said: "Marrying the powerful value of the internet with the ubiquity and personal access of the mobile phone holds tremendous value for us. Our mobile internet strategy is underpinned on the principles of innovation, affordability and flexibility. With Novarra, we are able to meet these objectives and bring to our consumers a valuable service with high quality, optimally leveraging the better data capability of the CDMA platform."

"Qualcomm is pleased to collaborate with Novarra, which is leveraging our Qualcomm Single Chip QSC 6020 product to bring full Internet access to affordable phones in emerging markets," said Dr. Rajamani Ganesh, senior director of business development, Qualcomm India. "By providing user-friendly access to any website from a mobile phone, Novarra and Tata Indicom are addressing the information connectivity needs of Indian consumers."

Novarra's Vision server is the industry's first platform with dynamic support for industry WAP/HTML browsers, as well as high performance HTML micro-clients (Java, BREW and C++)-which boost consumer usability and performance. The proven, carrier-grade platform for next-generation content and services delivers the benefits of content adaptation, content reduction, acceleration, optimization, filtering and services definition on a single platform. Built upon open standards, with support for portals and advertising, the Vision server fits seamlessly within content, network and billing infrastructure. Novarra's full browsers and micro-clients provide industry leading performance and mobile usability across open-OS handsets.

About Novarra

Novarra is the leading provider of high performance mobile web gateway platforms for operators and content providers to create new internet-based services and revenue streams. Novarra developed the first server-client architecture for web content transformation and network optimization designed for mass-market, high volume mobile consumer deployments. Novarra's open standards-based platforms deliver a high quality mobile user experience for services like full rich web, search, premium portals, personalization and advertising. Global commercial deployments over 5 years on both 2.5G and 3G have proven consumer satisfaction, uptake and increased data services revenue.

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About Tata Teleservices

Tata Teleservices is one of India's leading private telecom service providers. The company offers integrated telecom solutions to its customers under the Tata Indicom brand, and uses the latest CDMA 3G1X technology for its wireless network. Tata Teleservices operates in 3400 towns across 20 circles i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Gujarat, Karnataka, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (E), Uttar Pradesh (W). Kolkata, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal. The company has a customer base of over 20 million subscribers.

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