MUMBAI, India, November 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Tata Interactive Systems' simulation on work area skills and planning is designed to help postal, air express and logistics companies to train workforce on mission critical operations processes.

Global learning solutions provider, Tata Interactive Systems has developed a workflow simulation targeted at improving the efficiency of work area managers, facilitating accurate planning of scarce resources, and provide an effective tool to ensure maximum throughput in operations intensive scenarios.

Often the drop in workforce efficiency in operational areas and particularly, mail center operations is attributed to usage of archaic training resources. The new simulation developed by Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) offers a rich 2-dimensional interface of a real mail center environment. This helps the participants to visualize the real life environment and work towards achieving the objectives of effectively managing resources including men and machine.

Besides being deployed as a training tool, the simulation also offers a robust planning component that allows managers and planners to develop optimal staffing and scheduling scenarios under various load conditions and operational events.

According to Saurabh Mittal, Head - Logistics, Aviation, Transportation, and Hospitality, Tata Interactive Systems, This simulation not only aims to help the work area managers understand how to deal with the workflow complexity but also optimize the process by following the work-plan and best practices as defined by an organization's automation and industrial engineering division. The mail center simulation has been specially designed to help staff understand and address, amongst other issues, the significance and consequences of changes in operations, the drop in mail volumes, escalating expenses as a result of compliance to changing regulations and environmental laws, and the demand for innovation.

This simulation is available in two modes a) workshop mode for work-area staff and b) single-user mode for the planners and managers. One of the significant features of the tool is a simulation-time compression facet that enables an 8-hour shift to be compressed to an eighth of the time for the participant.

The planning side of the simulation allows advanced users like planners and shift managers to conduct comparative analysis of plans and scenarios across variables and simulation runs. Sensitivity analysis is the other critical feature that allows users to analyze key levers in the system by running what-ifs.

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