PHILADELPHIA, PA, October 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Telnic Limited (, the Registry Operator for the new communications-focused .tel top level domain (TLD), today accepted a Models of Excellence award at Data Content '09. The InfoCommerce Group Models of Excellence highlight and profile industry exemplars to show how real revenue is generated by selling or distributing information online.

The concept behind the .tel domain is both audacious and sublime, said Russell Perkins, Founder of InfoCommerce Group, .tel has the potential to revolutionize online contact directories by providing simple, fast, streamlined contact information for everyone. .tel is particularly important in the context of mobile devices not only because of its fast response time, but because the .tel dynamic information page is compact, uncluttered, and enables easy one-click emails and phone calls even with limited screen real estate. This is an incredibly innovative and powerful idea with huge potential.

Henri Asseily, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Strategist at Telnic added: As people begin to realize that the similarities with all other domain names begin and end with the dot in .tel, they are opening their minds to the possibility of securely sharing all kinds of data over the internet in a standardized, efficient and actionable way. We're pleased that organizations such as InfoCommerce Group has seen the potential of .tel and are delighted to accept this award in the first year that .tel names became available to all.

More information about .tel can be found at

About InfoCommerce Group Inc

InfoCommerce Group Inc. (ICG) was formed in 1995 to address the radical transformation of the information industry that was occurring, by providing guidance, research and advice to producers of commercial database content. Over the last ten years, ICG has established itself as the thought leader in exploring, charting, analyzing and defining the most important issues reshaping the database business.

About Telnic Limited

Founded in 2000, Telnic Limited is the UK-based Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for the new .tel sponsored top level domain (sTLD). Telnic's backend registry services are provided by NeuStar. For more information, please visit or use for contact information.

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