LONDON, September 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The festive season is fast approaching and with the current economic climate many individuals and families are concerned about the cost of Christmas gift giving., a part of Experian, has compiled a list of tips to help shoppers prepare for the Christmas shopping season and save 1,000 pounds sterling for their Christmas budgets.

1. Sign up for a flat-rate membership with a company that rents DVDs by mail or that allows for instant viewing over a computer. By having family film night at home instead of going to the cinema, consumers can save close to 35 pounds sterling on a family for four. The savings on snacks at home versus the theater also can be huge. Potential three-month savings: 105 pounds sterling 2. Pack a lunch. Buying your lunch and snacks five days a week at a conservative 6 pounds sterling per day costs 30 pounds sterling per week. Preparing a daily meal at home with 3 pounds sterling's worth of groceries can yield savings of 15 pounds sterling per week, or 60 pounds sterling per month. Potential three-month savings: 180 pounds sterling 3. Send e-cards. This Christmas, send electronic cards via email. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also can save 45 pounds sterling, which is the average cost of Christmas cards and postage. Potential three-month savings: 45 pounds sterling 4. Drink tap water. The recommended daily serving of water for adults is 1.5 liters. At an estimated 75p per liter, consumers who choose tap water instead of bottled water can save 101 pounds sterling over three months. Potential three-month savings: 101 pounds sterling 5. Search online for coupons and discounts. Taking the time to find 30 pounds sterling's worth of coupons online each month on sites like can really add up. After three months, shoppers can save 90 pounds sterling. Potential three-month savings: 90 pounds sterling 6. Book Christmas travel early. Booking airline and train tickets three months ahead of time, can help consumers avoid last-minute fare hikes and save as much as 200 pounds sterling per round-trip ticket. Potential savings: 200 pounds sterling 7. Sell an old mobile phone. Almost every new mobile phone contract includes a new mobile phone. Even the oldest handset can be worth cash. Retailers that buy old mobile phones can pay up to 150 pounds sterling for an unwanted phone, depending on its age and model. Potential savings: 150 pounds sterling 8. Live without the latte. Drinking the free coffee in the office instead of spending 3 pounds sterling on coffeehouse coffee every workday can save 15 pounds sterling per week and 60 pounds sterling per month. Potential three-month savings: 180 pounds sterling 9. Join a library. Join a local library and read for free. Reducing book spending by 12 pounds sterling per month can lead to a 36 pounds sterling savings for three months. Potential three-month savings: 36 pounds sterling 10. Go to a hairdresser on a model night. Top salons can charge as little as 5 pounds sterling on a model night, compared with 75 pounds sterling on a regular night. Switching to a haircut by a junior hairdresser can lead to big savings. Potential savings: 65 pounds sterling Total potential three-month savings: 1,152 pounds sterling

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