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- Media Invited to use Institute of Psychoanalysis for Expert Opinion

The Institute of Psychoanalysis is offering itself as a resource for press and media, with a group of expert spokespeople available to comment on current affairs, contemporary social issues and culture.

Experts can comment on a range of issues affecting society today, from young people's issues such as suicide and eating disorders, personal issues such as parenting, relationships and sexuality, violence, problem behaviour and trauma.

They can also offer a psychoanalytic perspective on aspects of contemporary culture such as arts, literature, film and sport. The Institute's archive and library can also provide a rich source for research into the history of psychoanalysis.

The Institute of Psychoanalysis

The Institute is the professional organisation for psychoanalysts in the UK. It is the leading centre of excellence in the provision of psychoanalytic training, education, publication and clinical practice. It administers these activities on behalf of the British Psychoanalytical Society and is a member institution of the British Psychoanalytic Council.

About psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is based on the theory that the experiences of birth, early relationships with parents, sexuality, love, loss and death lay down patterns in the mind which provide unconscious templates, or models of relationships. Such unconscious versions of relationships are often at the root of the problems which lead people to seek help. Regular sessions with a psychoanalyst provide a setting within which these unconscious patterns can be brought into awareness and worked on with a view to change. More information:

Expert spokespeople

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Dr Robin Anderson

Specialist areas: Children and young people's issues. The assessment and treatment of children/young people following abuse, neglect or post-adoption. Young people and suicide, self-harm and eating disorders. Adolescent development. Counselling parents of disturbed children/adolescents. Problems of providing psychoanalytic treatment in the public sector. Ethical issues in psychoanalytic treatments.

David Bell

Specialist areas: General psychoanalysis, mental illness, suicide, personality disorder, NHS and the public sector, the debate of psychoanalysis vs cognitive behavioural therapy. Psychoanalysis and culture (film, literature, theatre), philosophy, Freud, psychoanalysis and politics/society, the work of Klein and Bion.

Michael Brearley

Specialist areas: sport, rivalry, leadership, motivation, psychoanalysis and literature/philosophy.

Rosine Perelberg

Specialist areas: borderline psychopathology, hysteria, violence, sexuality. Dreaming, daydreaming. Psychoanalysis and Latin American literature.

Andrea Sabbadini

Specialist areas: psychoanalysis and cinema, the history of psychoanalysis.

Philip Stokoe

Specialist areas: psychoanalytic work in the NHS and public sector, personality disorder, couples and relationships, adolescents, parenting. The application of psychoanalysis, e.g. in organisations and institutions, management, training for front line workers (nurses, social workers etc), politics and current affairs, art and theatre.

For media enquiries or to arrange interviews, contact Ginette Goulston Lincoln +44(0)20-7923-0807 / +44(0)7958-448002, or Caroline Graty: +44(0)7984-911913, or contact the Institute of Psychoanalysis: +44(0)20-7563-5000