SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, March 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- ThoughtWorks Studios (, a global leader in Agile ALM tools and training, today announced support for the integration of its Cruise(R) release management product with Perforce (, the leading software configuration management (SCM) system. Building on the existing Mingle(R) project management integration, the combination of Cruise and Perforce will provide large Agile development organizations with the ideal solution to scale rapidly and overcome the challenges of distributed development - resulting in faster time-to-market, higher quality software, reduced risk and improved customer responsiveness. The integrated solution has already delivered exceptional results at Caplin Systems, a global leader in single-dealer platform e-commerce solutions for financial institutions.

Caplin Systems is a great showcase for how integrating release management and the Perforce SCM system can help large Agile development organizations build complex software products faster, and with a higher degree of confidence, said Cyndi Mitchell, managing director of ThoughtWorks Studios. As Agile software development methods penetrate more deeply into the enterprise, good software engineering practice becomes even more critical to building high-quality systems that are easy to change and release. This integration will further enable our Adaptive ALM solution meets those needs, ensuring that large-scale continuous integration systems do not create a bottleneck as programs get more complex.

With the Perforce and Cruise solution, IT managers and business stakeholders now have a high-performance system that provides end-to-end visibility and access to a highly-scalable and integrated release management and continuous integration system.

Combining the Perforce SCM system with the Cruise release management tool delivers new levels of visibility and a much quicker feedback loop when working through potential integration issues that can slow the production process, said Andrew MacLeod, software architect for Caplin Systems. Cruise's unique pipeline of deployment stages across a parallel build grid has allowed unprecedented visibility into change. Even as the number of acceptance tests grows significantly, the break-fix-verify cycle from developer check-in to working software has sped up by a factor of almost 50. Having the confidence to run as many builds as we like has greatly improved the end-quality of our software and our ability to quickly meet the needs of our customers, said MacLeod.

By using this combination of tools, development work is automatically updated, providing real time visibility and traceability - from managing artifacts (source code and related artifacts), tying changes made to source code within Perforce to related development artifacts within Mingle and Cruise. Additionally, managers can view the status of any software project through dashboards and ensure what goes into production meets business requirements. By introducing the Cruise pipeline, we guarantee that each part gets built using the right version of the code and the right libraries, said MacLeod.

Perforce is an award-winning SCM tool that versions and manages source code and digital assets for enterprises large and small. It seamlessly handles distributed development and supports developers across a large number of platforms. Integrated with Cruise and Mingle, developers can monitor every change that is checked into Perforce, quickly build from the latest version of applications and run automated tests against it. The end-result is push-button deployments into manual testing, staging and production environments.

Perforce supports a scalable Agile workflow by providing a fast SCM system that allows developers to quickly work and comprehend the effect of their changes, said John Walker, senior marketing manager at Perforce Software. Through our integrations with Mingle and Cruise we are helping customers like Caplin Systems better manage their high-volume production environments.

To read the full case study on how Caplin Systems used Perforce and ThoughtWorks Studios' Adaptive ALM solution together to overcome the challenges of scaling a large Agile development organization, please visit: ( ystems-case-study.pdf).

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