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- Industry-Leading Technology Platform Improves Some Transaction Processing Times by 21%

Travelport GDS today announced the company has achieved a key milestone in the consolidation of its global data centre operations, successfully migrating its Galileo, Apollo and airline host reservations systems from Denver to Atlanta resulting in a significant upgrade in equipment and operating environment. Travelport transitioned the mainframe systems previously located in Denver to its primary Atlanta data centre. The Atlanta facility features an industry-leading technology platform in terms of functionality, performance, reliability and security to the benefit of all Travelport GDS customers - Worldspan, Galileo, Apollo and several major airlines.

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As part of this migration effort, more than 50 million passenger reservations were moved from Denver to Atlanta. The combined complex in Atlanta now handles a peak message rate of more than 20,000 messages per second and about 1 billion messages per day.

With the migration, we now have a world-class data centre in Atlanta serving all of Travelport GDS and the airline customers who count on us for some of their most important services, said Gordon Wilson, president and CEO, Travelport GDS. As a result of this migration, our customers enjoy improved efficiency and reliability, as well as the advantages of the technology, products and services that Travelport can deliver through a world class data centre facility with state-of-the-art equipment.

Over the past several years Travelport has invested some US$450m in technology refreshes to the Atlanta data centre, including a further US$60m this year in order to prepare Atlanta to run the Galileo and Apollo systems.

The consolidation of Travelport's primary data centre operations in Atlanta is an example of the significant competitive advantage created as a result of the ongoing integration of the Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan GDS platforms. By managing all three systems in a state-of-the-art, unified data centre environment, Travelport customers benefit from access to one of the industry's most powerful, reliable and responsive travel distribution and hosting platforms.

According to David Lauderdale, Travelport's chief technology officer and senior vice president, The move has already improved some transaction processing times in the migrated systems by 21%. And we've seen even bigger improvements in other areas. For example, the response time for NGGF (Next Generation Global Fares), the faring product on the Galileo system, was reduced by 50%.

Running the GDS business from one state-of-the-art facility will allow Travelport over time to more rapidly rationalise the links required to connect supplier customers to the company's GDSs and to more readily share technology across the platforms. This will translate to positive outcomes in terms of reduced complexity and cost for supplier customers.

According to Lauderdale, Consolidation also has another important benefit. We're now using fewer and more efficient systems to support the same workloads, which reduce the demand for power and cooling. The result is that our IT infrastructure is greener.

Following the successful consolidation of Travelport's core operations, the Denver data centre will become a dedicated disaster recovery and co-location facility.

Said Wilson, I am very proud of the Travelport GDS team, running into hundreds around the world and in every major market, who pulled together to plan and execute this huge exercise with military precision. He added, This is a reflection of the careful planning, practice and execution that our teams have been working so tirelessly on over the previous months. It was akin to watching the control of a NASA space mission and it was a complete and total success.

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