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- Free Service Opportunity For Companies Seeking Reliable Insight Into Air Travel-Related Carbon Emissions

TRX, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRXI), a global leader in travel technology and data services, today announced the extension of its web services offering to include free access to airline carbon emissions measurement calculations as part of the new TRX Carbon Emissions Developer Toolkit.

Powered by TRX's open web services platform, the Carbon Emissions Developer Toolkit provides third-party solution developers with direct access to the robust set of calculations required to accurately assess the carbon footprint of air travel by corporations and individuals.

The new service has broad applicability and can be used by a wide cross-section of companies ranging from carbon offsetters and other green start-ups to search engines, travel websites, GDSs, air carriers, and traditional travel agencies looking to provide users with insight into airline carbon emissions.

Our proprietary carbon emissions calculator provides unmatched accuracy and completeness and is setting the industry standard for measuring airline carbon emissions, said Shane Hammond, President and CEO, TRX. It is our belief that with a trusted standard in place more individuals and companies will be in a position to reliably implement travel-related carbon emission reduction programs.

Recently, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) identified TRX's carbon emissions calculation methodology as being the best currently available in the market today, citing transparency and overall comprehension as key factors. SEI is an independent, international research institute specializing in sustainable development and environment issues.

Also, TRX received the Best Technology in 2008/2009 ICARUS Award for Airline Carbon Emission measurement technology from the Institute of Travel and Meetings (ITM). ITM is the leading professional body for buyers, managers and suppliers of business travel in the UK and Ireland with over 1,000 members from large corporations, government departments and NGOs, SMEs and travel suppliers.

Several leading carbon offset firms currently access TRX's calculations through the Carbon Emissions Developer Toolkit to power carbon offsetting programs and content websites.

Travelingreen selected TRX's airline CO2 calculator because of the depth, quality, relevancy and timeliness of the information available. No other calculation tool provides such rich data, as recognized by the Stockholm Institute and other independent authorities. Additionally, the quality and responsiveness of the TRX technical support is unsurpassed. For all these reasons, we selected TRX's offering to be an integral component of our web site, and our service-based CO2 measurement offerings to enterprise clients, comments Karen Morgan, Managing Director of Travelingreen.

Terrapass CEO, Erik Blachford acknowledges, We chose to utilize the TRX Carbon Emissions calculations based on the level of depth and accuracy of the services. TRX calculation methodology uses more relevant variables than any other available carbon calculator, which is a perfect fit with the Terrapass model and philosophy of providing the most accurate information to our clients. In addition, the level of expertise and support provided by TRX has been outstanding.

Toolkit users now have access to a free level of service providing the ability to track and evaluate a set number of travel transactions. Additional levels of service are available offering increased transactional usage and development support.

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