GOTHENBURG, Sweden, July 22 -- Cellectricon, a leading provider of cell-based
screening solutions for research and drug discovery, today announced its
collaboration with University of Lodz, Poland. Under the agreement University of
Lodz invests in Cellaxess(R)HT, the world’s first system for high
throughput transfection enabling reagent-free delivery of any genetic material
to cells.

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We are excited about the collaboration with Cellectricon and believe the
Cellaxess(R)HT system will greatly advance our efforts in our research program
focusing on cell biology and molecular genetics of clinically relevant genes
related to cancer treatment, says Prof. Grzegorz Bartosz, head of Department of
Molecular Biophysics at the University of Lodz. Genomic screening is a
rapidly-evolving field and the need is very significant for a technology
enabling high transfection efficiency and viability in biologically relevant
cell types. Cellaxess(R)HT will allow us to undertake ambitious expression and
silencing screening projects that would have been both economically and
practically unfeasible with conventional instrumentation. Purchase of the
Cellaxess(R)HT system by the University of Lodz was made possible by funding
from the Innovative Economy Operational Programme of the Republic of Poland,
supported in part by the European Union through the European Regional
Development Fund.

Adoption of Cellaxess(R)HT by the University of Lodz into their research
program demonstrates the capabilities of this state-of-the-art system designed
for genomic research and screening. Cellectricon has developed the system in
close collaboration with leading research groups and leading pharmaceutical
companies to meet the increasing demand for a generic technology capable of true
high throughput transfection, says Jonas Ohlsson, CEO at Cellectricon.
Cellaxess(R)HT will significantly impact this research field since it enables
reagent-free high throughput delivery of any genetic material to biologically
relevant cell types.

About Cellectricon

Cellectricon AB, a Swedish biotech company, successfully provides
groundbreaking products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The
company utilizes state-of-the-art interfaces to biological systems by employing
novel microfluidic technologies. This enables completely new types of assays and
devices with superior performance characteristics and robustness.
Cellectricon’s products address critical bottlenecks in the drug discovery
process and have been adopted by top-reference customers, including nine of the
top ten pharmaceutical companies. In 2008-2009 the company is launching two
pioneering large-scale screening platforms developed in close collaboration with
leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Used in preclinical pharmaceutical
development, the Cellaxess(R)HT System enables high throughput transfection in
genomic screening and the Dynaflow(R)HT System greatly advances ion channel drug

Contact Details: Jonas Ohlsson, CEO Phone: +46(0)709-73-47-92, E-mail: Susanne Fagerlund, VP Marketing Communications
Phone: +46(0)31-760-35-15, E-mail:

SOURCE: Cellectricon AB

Contact Details: Jonas Ohlsson, CEO, Phone: +46(0)709-73-47-92, E-mail:; Susanne Fagerlund, VP Marketing Communications,
Phone: +46(0)31-760-35-15, E-mail: