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- Varicent SPM 6.0 enables organizations to improve alignment of strategies to sales execution, provide better insight into sales performance and expand information delivery options

Varicent Software, an innovator and leading provider of incentive compensation and sales performance management (SPM) solutions today announced Varicent SPM 6.0 at INSIGHT09, the annual users conference for Varicent clients and partners.

This next generation of Varicent SPM includes new capabilities and advanced reporting features for customers who rely on Varicent SPM to meet the increasing demands of their variable compensation programs and the performance of their sales force.

Sales Performance Management is a top priority in organizations as it helps align sales to critical processes to achieve desired levels of revenue performance, said Mark Smith CEO EVP Research of Ventana Research. Varicent's new release brings critical advancements to help organizations maximize their insight and knowledge through modeling and presentation of sales analytics.

Varicent SPM 6.0 features include: - Presenter -- an intuitive, graphical layout capability that enables business users to easily create and distribute highly formatted and interactive sales reports and analysis. Through a single drag-and- drop interface, organizations can quickly and easily create custom reports from compensation statements through to complex sales effectiveness analysis. - Model Manager -- enables application managers to graphically view, compare, and manage multiple compensation models, providing large enterprises the ability to collaborate across different lines of business while streamlining the process of migrating models from test environments into production. - CRM integration -- meeting the growing demand for SPM and CRM integration, Varicent SPM can be embedded directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide higher visibility and accuracy of sales data for various roles within the organization such as field representatives, sales managers, and compensation analysts. In addition, Varicent SPM can also now load data directly to and from

With the release of the Presenter functionality in 6.0, Varicent provides a significant strategic and operational capability that drives the critical role that Varicent SPM plays in many sales organizations, says Andy Jordan, CIO at Nexient Learning. As the central processing hub of sales data including territory assignments, quota allocations, and incentive compensation plans, Varicent SPM can quickly surface valuable insight to improve sales performance, so the ability to report on that information is absolutely vital.

Varicent SPM 6.0 marks a significant milestone for enterprises that require even greater visibility, accessibility and control. As our clients are reaping significant benefits with Varicent SPM, they demand a solution that will support an increasing span of users, increased complexity, and tighter integration with other enterprise applications, says Neil Whitney, VP Development at Varicent Software. With Varicent SPM 6.0 we are delivering significant enhancements to address these needs. Model Manager and multilingual support are just two of the new capabilities that will allow business units from different countries or divisions to collaborate more effectively and empower the entire sales force with consistent, accurate and actionable information when and where they need it.

Varicent SPM 6.0 is available for customers immediately, and is being showcased throughout INSIGHT09.

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