ASHLAND, Massachusetts, July 23 --

- PubMed-Indexed EpiDerm SIT Video - Free Online Training Tool for
ECVAM-Validated Test Method

MatTek Corp., today announced the availability of a video version of its 2008
ECVAM-validated EpiDerm(TM) SIT non-animal alternative test method for
determining the human skin irritation potential of chemicals, including cosmetic
and pharmaceutical ingredients.

This 20 minute video article was published in the Journal of Visualized
Experiments (JoVE). Titled, An In Vitro Skin Irritation Test (SIT) using the
EpiDerm Reconstructed Human Epidermal (RHE) Model, this peer-reviewed,
PubMed-indexed video article is now available for online viewing on both the
MatTek (WWW.MATTEK.COM) and JoVE Web sites.

In the video, Dr. Helena Kandarova, a Senior Scientist at MatTek, demonstrates
the detailed steps in the EpiDerm Skin Irritation Test (SIT) protocol. Dr.
Kandarova, based in the European Union (EU), played a central role in developing
this test method, which in 2007 was subjected to a blind validation trial among
four EU and US-based laboratories. Dr. Kandarova noted, The video format permits
MatTek to demonstrate the procedure in great detail allowing for better
understanding and faster implementation by lab personnel who are new to this
type of non-animal test method.

John Sheasgreen, MatTek’s President, explained the need for the video, We
knew the recent validation of the EpiDerm SIT method combined with a full ban on
the use of animals for this test in the EU would create unprecedented demand
from organizations worldwide for information on how to perform this test. To
meet this need, we felt video was the best choice to distribute the information
quickly, accurately and to as many scientists as possible.

MatTek published in JoVE because we were impressed with JoVE’s ability to
produce a professional video that is peer-reviewed and indexed in PubMed, noted
Dave Ingalls, Sales Marketing Manager. Peer-review and PubMed indexing will
assure scientists that they are viewing an accurate representation of this
ECVAM-validated method.

About MatTek - MatTek Corp. is the world’s largest independent producer
of in vitro human epithelial tissue equivalents. With over 15 years of publicly
available QC data and over 400 technical references supporting our claim of
Unsurpassed Long-Term Tissue Reproducibility, MatTek human tissue equivalents
are used in product development, claims substantiation (over 200 patent
references cite the use of MatTek tissues), safety assessment, and drug
discovery/development in many industries including Cosmetics, Personal Care,
Household Products, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech.

SOURCE: MatTek Corp.

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