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- How do you Know if you Need to Call the Vet?

- Is it Urgent?

- Can it Wait Until a Normal Working Day?

Vet Help Direct is a free, interactive, online guide to help dog, horse, cat and rabbit owners decide if they need to contact the vet, and if so, how urgently. The website helps to alleviate the 'Can it wait until the next normal working day?' dilemma when faced with an ill or injured animal at night or on a bank holiday. The site is designed and run by British vets and is the first of its kind anywhere on the internet.

Simply choose the appropriate animal on the home page, select a symptom, answer the series of step-by-step questions and get tailor made first aid advice and a colour coded priority rating from 'Urgent' - contact the vet immediately, to 'Self Care'- treatment at home is appropriate. The site also has a national veterinary practice directory to put you in contact with a local vet.

Susie Samuel MRCVS, veterinary surgeon and one of the founders Vet Help Direct said 'It can be difficult to know if a pet needs veterinary attention, especially in the middle of the night and on bank holidays. Unfortunately we see many pets that are brought to us too late which makes treatment more difficult and often less successful. Vet Help Direct makes the decision easier and the tailor made first aid advice helps you to cope safely with a pet, until you get to the vets, or, in non-urgent situations until office hours.'

Vet Help Direct also provides owners with recommendations for choosing a pet insurance policy and a directory of pet insurers. Susie explains 'Out of hours treatment attracts a surcharge in most veterinary practices in the UK which can result in costly vet's bills. Make sure that your pet's health insurance is up to date before the Christmas period; small animal veterinary bills routinely exceed GBP1000, with bills much higher than this common in specialist and equine centers. Everyday vets witness the heart ache that making financial decisions about a pet's treatment can bring. Pet insurance policies vary so read the small print'.

Vet Help Direct is fun and easy to use, why not visit and see what you think

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PLYMOUTH, England, December 13 /PRNewswire/ --

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