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Two leading skincare experts will be alerting adults in and around Manchester to the signs and symptoms of rosacea and how to regain control of their skin as part of an evening event called 'Beyond the Red Face - Positive ways of living with rosacea' at the Manchester Conference Centre.

It may come as a surprise to learn that rosy cheeks, or rosacea (roh-ZAY-sha), is an extremely common and potentially debilitating skin condition that affects up to one in ten men and women in the United Kingdom. Some people who have rosacea do not realise that it can be effectively treated. The unpredictable flushing and blushing that is associated with this embarrassing and sometimes frustrating skin condition can be mistakenly linked with drinking too much alcohol, but often stress, the weather or vigorous exercise can be to blame for triggering symptoms. People with rosacea may also have pimples and pustules, which can frequently be confused with acne. In severe cases, the nose can become enlarged and bulbous.

People in the public eye affected by rosacea include the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, and the actress Cameron Diaz.

At the 'Beyond the Red Face' event, an expert patient group adviser and a consultant dermatologist from Whiston Hospital will be sharing their knowledge and experience of rosacea and providing practical help in coping with this condition. It will also be an opportunity to meet other people with rosacea.

Alison Bowser, former Chief Executive of the Acne Support Group, has spent over 15 years helping people with rosacea to improve their skin and manage everyday symptoms. Identifying and avoiding personal triggers which contribute to skin flare-ups is also important - these can include anxiety, extreme heat or cold and strenuous exercise, amongst others. Alison explains that: "Left untreated, rosacea can really wreak havoc with a person's everyday life. The good news is that there are many ways of tackling the symptoms of rosacea with self-management, identifying triggers and making simple lifestyle changes."

Dermatologist Dr Sandra Winhoven will be discussing the latest available rosacea treatments and the importance of getting the diagnosis right. There will also be an opportunity to ask her questions. Advice will be provided on suitable skincare regimens, where to go for further information on rosacea, and how to take positive steps to regain control of the skin.

Note to Editors

Venue and ticket information

'Beyond the red face - Positive ways of living with rosacea' will be held on Wednesday, 26 March, 18.30-20.15, at Weston Lecture Theatre, Weston Building, Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester M1 3BB.

Tickets for the event will cost GBP10 per person and will be available on the door - no need to pre-book. For more information, please email Alison Bowser at or telephone +44(0)1326-251221.

Interview and biography

Alison Bowser and Dr Winhoven are available for interview. To arrange interviews, please email or telephone +44(0)1326-251221. Alternatively, please contact Alice Smallman on or telephone +44(0)208-481-8143.

Alison has over 15 years experience of running the Acne Support Group, the only patient-focused, independent source of support that existed in the UK for people affected by both acne and rosacea. During this period she has acquired some of the most extensive knowledge of both conditions in the UK, singling her out to be guest presenter, speaker and trainer to audiences all over the world. She specialises in providing practical solutions to everyday problems encountered by people with rosacea. She combines her training as a counsellor and Neuro-Linguistic Programme Practitioner to help focus people to engage in positive action to regain control of their lives with her extensive knowledge of skincare and beauty basics that can make a difference to anyone of any age, race or sex.

Alison now works in an independent capacity as a patient representative and organises rosacea patient events around the UK.

For more information, please email Alison Bowser at or telephone +44(0)1326-251221. To arrange interviews, please email or telephone +44(0)1326-251221. Alternatively, please contact Alice Smallman on or telephone +44(0)208-481-8143.