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The global diet food market is witnessing an increasing diversity in new product launches. While the market initially was focused on snacks and light food, the increasing demand has enabled market players to introduce country-specific varieties of diet food. The rising focus of food safety and the introduction of enhanced ingredients such as customized emulsifiers are expected to further boost market growth. The market offers the highest growth potential for manufacturers offering low-priced, low-calorie ethnic food in the Asian markets.

Table of Contents 1. Market Overview 1.1. Market definitions 1.2. Market evolution 1.3. Market characteristics 1.4. Market trends 1.5. Regulatory environment 1.6. Consumer profile 1.7. Packaging and positioning strategies 1.8. Health statistics 1.9. Stakeholder analysis 1.10. Key findings 2. Diet Food and Confectionery Market 2.1. Diet Food Market 2.1.1. By packaging types Market drivers Market restraints Opportunity analysis Market forecast (2010 to 2015) Market structure and strategic analysis Low calorie ready meals Low calorie chilled ready meals Dried and other ready meals Meal replacement Meal solution Edible bars By varieties Market drivers Market restraints Opportunity analysis Market forecast (2010 to 2015) Market structure and strategic analysis Dairy products Cereals and grains Pastas Meat, fish and poultry Snacks and sweets Baked products Oil fats Others 2.2. Confectionery Market 2.2.1. Market overview Market definitions Market evolution Market characteristics Market trends Regulatory environment Consumer profile Packaging and positioning strategies Health statistics Stakeholder analysis Key findings 2.2.2. Sugar Free Confectioneries Market drivers Market restraints Opportunity analysis Market forecast (2010 to 2015) Market structure and strategic analysis Sugar-free non-chocolate confectionery - candy and chewing gum Ice creams Sugar-free confectionery Desserts Other confectioneries 2.3. Geographic Analysis 2.3.1. North America 2.3.2. Europe 2.3.3. Asia and ROW 2.4. Competitive Landscape 2.4.1. Key company analysis 2.4.2. Recent developments Mergers and acquisitions New product launch Agreements and collaborations. * Market share 2.5. Strategic Market Assessment 2.5.1. Retail scenario 2.5.2. Customer choice and preferences 2.5.3. Winning imperatives 2.5.4. Strategic recommendations 2.5.5. Strategic conclusion 2.6. Company profiles 2.6.1. Coca-Cola 2.6.2. Bio-Synergy 2.6.3. Bravo 2.6.4. Brands International 2.6.5. Campina 2.6.6. Cederroth International 2.6.7. Celsius Inc 2.6.8. Energix Ventures Ltd 2.6.9. Energy Brands 2.6.10. Fuze Beverages 2.6.11. Glambia Consumer Foods 2.6.12. Kao Corporation 2.6.13. Kellogg Company 2.6.14. Skinny Nutritional Corporation 2.6.15. SoBe Beverage Company 2.6.16. Suntory 2.6.17. Unicer

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