TEL AVIV, Israel, November 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Elmo-Tech Ltd., the global provider of leading offender monitoring technologies, launches the website. The website's objective is to educate criminal justice and welfare administrations, as well as women and anti-violence against women organizations on the potential use of remote monitoring and tracking technologies as deterrence and enforcement tools in the global effort to curb domestic violence.

Remote monitoring, a proven technology tool is harnessed to build up the sense of security of victims, while providing better supervision of aggressors' compliance with court orders. This is achieved through the creation of security layers around victims wherever they are and parallel notification layers around the aggressor. Enforcement agencies are provided early alerts to potentially violent encounters between the victim and the aggressor.

The information is offered further to the successful implementation of such technology in Spain, where a national program was launched by the Ministry of Equality. This program continues two such existing local programs in Madrid and in the Balearic Islands, launched in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

Upon the launch of the Community of Madrid program, the former Vice President and Counselor for Justice and Interior of the Community of Madrid, Mr. Alfredo Prada Presa stated: An extensive evaluation of the programme and the technology configuration was concluded successfully. We now move to extend the programme for the benefit of the Madrid Community residents. We call upon our neighboring European countries and the European commission, to consider wider implementation of similar programmes to deter domestic aggressors.

Elmo-Tech's Chief Executive Officer Dagan Sadeh said: We are very proud to be able to offer a viable tool for the global effort to minimize gender based violence. With as many as 30%-60% of restraining and protection orders commonly breached, their enforcement is proving a challenging mission. To that end, our technology offers meaningful support to enforcement agencies and victims. We will continue our cooperation with administration globally and hoping to developed more such programs.

Notes to Editors:

About Elmo-Tech: Elmo-Tech is a global provider of leading presence and location verification technologies, designed for monitoring individuals in the law enforcement and corrections markets. Established in 1994, Elmo-Tech systems are employed by private operators and government agencies throughout multiple European locations, Latin and North America and the Pacific Rim.

30%-60% restraining breach data is based on 2004-2008 data provided by publications from the National Center for Victims of Crime, Washington, DC; the New York State Unified Court System and the Office of Court Research, and the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

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