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- Problems Getting Email on Your Mobile, Sending Pictures or Browsing the Web? - it's Over! launches today, offering a solution to the millions of Australians who struggle to manually set-up their mobile phones for services such as email, internet browsing and picture messaging.

One in five Australian mobile users has experienced the disappointment of an error message when trying to send a picture, download a mobile game or use their phone to surf the internet. Even more suffer problems when trying to set-up their phone to access an email account. Many of these errors are caused by incomplete or missing settings on the phone.

First launched in the UK last year, is a new web-based service that automatically installs the requested settings on a user's phone. Costing just $3.50 (plus standard network SMS charge) the service is available for customers of 3, Optus, Telstra, Virgin, Vodafone, AAPT, AUSTAR, Boost Mobile, Crazy Johns, GRL Mobile, Soul and SlimTel.

Users simply select their desired service and enter a few key details, including mobile model, phone number and operator. The settings are then delivered to the phone. The whole process typically takes less than 90 seconds and removes the need for any complicated set-up.

Tim Deluca-Smith, from the company which operates the service, WDSGlobal, said, There's nothing more frustrating than turning on your new phone, only to find that it won't do what it promised! Settings often aren't installed on the phone and some services, such as email, can be notoriously difficult to configure if you don't know your service provider's details; it can be very disappointing. We've launched in Australia to help consumers get the most from their mobile phones, whether it be web browsing, email or the ability to download games and content.

About: is the first independent, direct-to-consumer mobile configuration service that aggregates, and makes available, mobile data service settings from major mobile operator networks as well as email settings from more than 7000 email service providers. The service uses premium-rate SMS (the world's most popular mobile payment method) to charge users. The service is owned and operated by UK-headquartered WDSGlobal. For more information, please visit or

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