TEL AVIV, Israel, March 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Zlango, the telco-grade icon-enhanced mobile text messaging service, is now available directly to the public from and several independent online application stores.

Zlango is the world's first free, natively integrated, icon-based mobile messaging application, infusing individual personality and emotional expression into the mobile texting experience.

Zlango launched its first direct-to-consumer application with the introduction of two new icon themes - Urban and Gorgeous - in addition to the Classic theme. Each theme includes an extensive icon library within the mobile application to suit a wide range of expression preferences.

Users worldwide easily exchange icon-based messages with friends on any mobile networks. The user experience is just like plain text messaging. The user simply selects 'Icon Message' rather than 'Text Message' and starts writing messages. Icon suggestions automatically appear to replace words throughout the message. Zlango is free to download and use. Standard operator SMS charges apply.

Roni Haim, CEO of Zlango said,

- We are excited to introduce the first direct-to-consumer icon-messaging service enabling users on any mobile network to send and receive exciting, emotive and colorful mobile messages as easily as they send SMS. - Zlango's new Urban and Gorgeous themes were created to further personalize and enrich the mobile messaging experience, enabling users to visually express themselves via simple SMS-like messages.

Until now Zlango has been available via selected mobile operators worldwide. Several million users send hundreds of millions of Zlango icons monthly. Zlango expects these numbers to increase significantly with direct-to-consumer availability.

Zlango can be downloaded to mobile devices for free from, many independent online mobile application stores and partnering operators in several countries. Zlango works on more than 500 smart phones and mid-range devices.

About Zlango

Zlango is a telco-grade pictorial messaging service enabling visually enhanced, fun and emotion-rich mobile communication over existing SMS infrastructure. The Zlango service enables users to easily infuse human emotion, personality and innuendo into their text messages with an evolving library of unique icons, as well as the user's own pictures. Zlango integrates mobile and web communication allowing easy interaction among various online platforms.

Zlango has millions of active users sending hundreds of millions of Zlango icons each month. Zlango's products currently support more than 500 mobile devices and 22 languages. Available direct to consumers worldwide and also via service providers, Zlango has established relationships with major mobile operators throughout Europe and Asia including Vodafone, Orange and Telecom Italia.

Zlango customers include mobile operators worldwide who provide Zlango as a value-added service to their subscribers and companies seeking to enhance their brand exposure via the mobile messaging experience.

Zlango lead investors are Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners.

More information is available at

For more information, please contact: Roy Timor-Rousso VP Marketing Zlango Ltd. +972-54-2194671

SOURCE: Zlango Ltd.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact: Roy Timor-Rousso, VPMarketing, Zlango Ltd., +972-54-2194671, .