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Bob Moody
About Bob I have been intrigued by the night sky and everything in it since early childhood. In the border area of Arkansas and Oklahoma, there are not many people who take up the hobby of amateur astronomy, yet there seems to be a sizable number of folks who are interested in the subject.

I am a founding member of the Arkansas Oklahoma Astronomical Society or AOAS. Since January 1985 our group has held public star parties offering the public free views of the night skies with telescopes, binoculars and the naked eye to anyone who desires to see or study the subject. We conservatively estimate that AOAS have reached at least 75,000 people since our beginnings in 1985.

Several of our members have also taught classes in Basics of Astronomy at area adult education centers schools and churches. My own classes have reached easily 700+ people in over 25 years of teaching astronomy. Long referred to as the "Queen of Sciences", astronomy has a unique cooperative relationship between amateurs and the professional community. From solar astronomy studying our own star to observing and logging distant supernovae to collecting data on meteors and meteorites, astronomy has something for almost everyone.

I have taught dozens of classes since 1986 when AOAS announced that we had programs for groups ranging from primary and secondary schools to Lions Club meetings, Chambers of Commerce luncheons to local Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts who wanted hear about the next appearance of Halley's Comet in April 1986. AOAS also built and operated the Coleman Observatory at two different sites since 1987. The observatory was named for another founding member, Capt. Douglas C. Coleman, an Arkansas Air National Guard pilot of an F-4 Phantom II jet who died in a training exercise crash with his weapons officer, Capt. Richard Lumpkin only four months after we formed AOAS >p>I love to share my knowledge and love of astronomy with those who wish to learn. From explaining the differences between the science of astronomy and the pseudoscience of astrology, from watching meteor showers to buying or building your own telescopes, from helping anyone age 5 to 95, I have much to share, and I'm ready to answering questions from people wanting to know more. Let me help you today.

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