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About Chris How splendidly strange it is that everything we know, feel and think is brought about by 1.5kg of pink jelly-like stuff that we call the brain?

Although being a neuroscientist means I focus most of my time on far smaller and more easily answerable questions than this, I still find the 'big questions' both amazing and baffling.

An early interest in mind and brain drive me to study psychology initially, but I become more focussed on the biological aspects of psychology and as such moved onto a PhD in neuroscience which I completed in 2004. Nowadays the Royal Society keep me fed and funded to do neuroscience research at Oxford University. The main focus of my research is on the meaning of functional brain imaging signals: what do they tell us about brain activity and how might we best use this information to improve our understanding of normal brain function and neurological diseases? But as I say, the whole pink jelly-like thing still keeps in guessing, and thinking.

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