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Damon Isherwood
About Damon Despite slogging through a degree in architecture, science has always been my passion - in particular the science of why we are the way we are. I agree with E.O. Wilson when he said that, "The human condition is the most important frontier of the natural sciences." Beyond evolutionary psychology, I take an interest in anything that sheds light on our condition, be it psychology, anthropology, primatology or even archeology. I am constantly on the look out for assumptions that are accepted simply because they are embedded in the existing paradigm. My aim to inform, challenge, and above all make you think about the most important subject of all - us.
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Damon 's Articles This is a list of the latest articles and blog entries that Damon has written. Researchers identify fist fighting as the key to the evolution of the human hand’s unique proportions Click here to read all of Damon 's articles.
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