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Jorn Bettin has pioneered the Model Oriented Domain Analysis and Engineering (MODA + MODE) methodology for value cycle analysis and business performance optimisation. He is the author of a number of books on model driven engineering, and a sought after conference speaker, with expertise in value cycle engineering, supply chain management, data science, product line engineering, and pricing and billing engines.

Jorn works with top-level subject matter experts and cross-disciplinary teams to uncover and activate deep domain knowledge. He designed the core of the S23M Cell Platform – a semantic database technology, and advises on the development of smart open source SaaS solutions.

Jorn has a strong interest in protecting the marine environment, which is currently threatened in most parts of the world by intensive fishing, pollution, and climate change. Jorn's home is in New Zealand, close to the ocean. He currently lives in Melbourne, and as far as possible tries to get out on the water at least twice a week.

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