Many of my clients are expressing deep fears about the future. They are concerned quite naturally about their families, personal finances, and so forth, but also about global affairs. I am pleasantly surprised that so many people are now keeping up with current events, but it does add another problematic dimension for my clients who are already overwhelmed with issues.

Without exception, they feel powerless with regard to decisions made behind closed doors by those in authority. As a therapist, my task is to help people learn how to help themselves. Thus, I pose to you the same question that I ask my clients:

How are you helping?

Helping others is one way we can control at least some part of our lives, and often gives individuals a sense that they do in fact still retain something of the right to self-determination.

Some people donate to food banks, while others volunteer time and energy to worthwhile organizations. As many of my clients are now either unemployed or underemployed, I have slashed fees for those who can still pay something, or eliminated them altogether for those who cannot.

Please feel free to share the things you are doing to help us all get through these tough times. Remember, every little bit of effort is valuable and ultimately makes a difference.