A lot has been going on recently in blogs I sporadically visit (I am not a big reader myself). I thus thought I'd put together a list of valuable links here.

  • First of all, Michael Schmitt deserves at least three links. He has been blogging much more intensively in the last few months than he used to earlier, and this is a great thing because he is a clear thinker and a careful writer. Let me mention his recent post, "Why particle physics", a discussion of the reasons for pursuing our science which started from comments in an article on the NTY; his informative discussion of the LHC commissioning; and an extensive explanation of a recent analysis by CDF on the underlying event.

  • Resonaances has also been productive recently, in particular with a discussion of a second possible evidence for dark matter, and a review of the theoretical advances of the last decade in particle physics. You can skip, instead, his April fool about a discovery of SUSY at LHC - I wonder what kind of twisted humor brings serious physicists into such lame games...

  • Arcadian Functor is back in blogging mood, with new installments of her M-theory series. If you want to know more about matrices, categories, and the like, that is a place to visit.

  • By and large, Not Even Wrong remains the place to check for up-to-date news on the world of theoretical and experimental research, and the media orbiting around it. Now featuring a short items list with lots of interesting links.

  • Backreaction is featuring the sixth part of a discussion on peer review. I need to bookmark that because in July I will have to discuss the topic at a round table to be held during ESOF 2010 in Turin... Bee and Stefan have lots of input on the matter.

  • My friend Louise at Babe in the Universe discusses a paper about dark energy, pointing out that it implies that evidence for the mysterious phenomenon is not that strong.

I think this should keep you busy for a while... Have fun with these interesting reads!