The sudden switch from one to another provider of visit statistics last September prevents an accurate assessment of how this blog fared in 2010. However I can collect some information from some in-site tools.

The pages of this blog have received a total of 716,886 hits in 2010, or an average of 1964 daily hits. The best month was July, which scored by itself about 140,000 hits, largely although not exclusively thanks to a highly linked, controversial post.

I wrote a total of 207 posts last year, or four per week, or one every 1.76 days. This is a lower average rate than that of 2009 (one every 1.4 days). I know why that is so: in 2010 I had more commitments, and the blogging went down a bit to compensate. I think four posts a week is still acceptable, considering I want to keep a constant update of HEP going on here. I plan to bump the rate up a bit next year, though it will not be very easy. The quality of the information I report on, of course, is what matters, but that is much harder to assess...

Below is a list of the high hitters:

1) Rumors about a light Higgs, 49727 hits
2) Large extra dimensions at reach next year, 43608 hits
3) Supernatural coincidences and the Look-Elsewhere Effect, 24528 hits

However, two of the above were actually written in 2009. So if we take off number 2 and 3, they must be replaced by the following:

2') The rumored rumor had been rumored before, 14902 hits;
3') Running top mass points to SUSY-like Higgs, 14702 hits.

Finally, a look at the old blog, which of course still collects hits thanks to the 1480 posts it contains. The total hits in 2010 there were 148,404.