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10 Tips: How To Search For Genetic Conditions

Some months ago, I wrote about Juan Magdaraog who is blogging about his struggle with Pompe disease...

Personalized Genetics/Genomics: Interview With Steven Murphy, MD

I’ve recently decided to deepen my knowledge on the field of personalized genetics/genomics as...

The DNA Network: The Best Idea Of The Last Months

The DNA Network is a FeedBurner network made by Hsien-Hsien Lei of Eye on DNA and Rick Vidal of...

PTC124, A Drug Against Genetic Diseases: Overview

I’ve already written about the Times Online article (Daily pill to beat genetic diseases), but...

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Before publishing the first issue of Gene Genie, a blog carnival on genes, I list here the most interesting announcements and findings on genes from the past day.

Submissions are still welcome. It’s going to be the first issue of this project, so I need many many articles to be submitted.

Based on Timothy Erickson’s thoughts, I decided to start a new blog carnival on genes and gene-related diseases. Our plan is to cover the whole genome before 2082 (it means 14-15 genes every two weeks).

Please take a look at the “official” page of the carnival. (Suggestions are most welcome!)

Recently, I’ve found several blogposts and papers writing about the future of medical journalism, the problem of open access. I’d like to spread the word about a new system in medical journalism where the scientific community decides about the fate of a submitted article. First, some words about the impact factor. Sciencesque had an interesing post about how impact factor is calculated and why we should follow the newly proposed system of PLos One.

After the hard days of the Week of Science, here are some funny and interesting links, sites. You should take a break with these before I start to write serious, gene-maniac posts again. And let's submit your articles, Gene Genie is dute to be published in 5 days!

This is the last day of the Week of Science, a challenge on justscience.net to write at least one scientific, referenced article per day. Generally, it was a good idea, but the categories became unreadable and uncontrolled after the first days. And it’s going to be held only one time a year.

Thank you, Razib at Gene Expression for working so hard on the idea! Here are my articles made for the Week of Science (7 articles for 7 days):

I’d like to present a great web 2.0 based site with plenty of features made for physicians and medical students.

SocialMD utilizes the power of the network to benefit all the members of the network. With SocialMD you can: