Recently, I was asked to help around a group that was designing a settlement on the moon. As I worked with them, I found the work increasingly absorbing and I soon started researching some questions that sprang up from my though process, not necessarily related to the designing.

In this series of blogs, I have presented some of the proposals I gave to solve the group's problems, as well as the extra diverse questions and ideas that popped up in my mind. The purpose of this activity to document how ideas evolve and how they can be synthesized to develop technology. The other main reason is to open the ideas for debate, so that we all can learn more and develop troubleshooting skills!

The blog is formatted in a 'question and answer' form. The problem that I was asked to help with is followed by my proposal. Since the original communication was on a continuous forum, I have been careful to represent only my views. Occasionally, I have highlighted an objection and criticism of the idea by another person and have followed it with a response improving my original idea.

Also, if you are using the information in these blogs, be sure to verify it. The responses are mere results of informal brainstorming!