Reported: a 42 year old female patient with a serious atopic dermatitis, abruptly appearing since age 8. During several hospitalizations, the patient underwent various therapies without reaching -she relates- any amelioration but on the other hand getting bad influences on the relationship, due to the deep hormonal diseases induced by the cortico therapy. Kept under observation from october 1995, the patient was subjected to an increasing treatment with cyclosporine, starting with a 2,5 mg/Kg/die at the end of an 8 months timeframe archiving a total recovery of the cutaneous pathology and being enabled to a normal social life. Actually the patient is under observation, cared with the following therapeutic program: 3mg/Kg/die during a 4 months period, followed a 2 months stoppage. This case is reported because of the sensational recovery (after more than 30 years) of the cutaneous pathology involving the entire cutaneous environment, the complete lack of side effects and the kind of the individual therapy chosen to archive remission of the serious clinical symptomatology. Presented at the International Symposium on The Atopy Syndrome in the Third Millennium, UniversitatsSpital Zurich, Switzerland.