Who doesn't need a little more widsom in their daily lives? Well, now you can have it, thanks to a real-time Twitter-like search engine that "looks to organize and share information and 'wisdom' currently on the web."

The mission statement of iWise, or Wisdom On Demand, is a slight tweak on Google's, says the techcrunch story: "To organize the world’s wisdom and make it universally accessible." It's not just a search engine, though; it allows you to receive daily quotes via Twitter or your iPhone, you can follow your favorite dead people (or living ones) in your own Wisdom Tree, and it gives you some context into the person/quote. If you see a quote you like, you can put it on your facebook page, email it, tweet it yourself, and use all sorts of other technological forays into our obsession with the erosion of personal privacy. There's even a live feed for the various subjects (e.g. science - whenever someone tweets about science, it is posted).
You can even deposit some of your own wisdom into the Internets, and if it is original your wisdom is timestamped on its own iWise page for all to drink deeply and learn.

For example, on the "science and scientists" wisdom page, I saw this quote by Feynman: "If you thought that science was certain - well, that is just an error on your part." I clicked on it and have the option to hear it, follow a link to more info about Feynman, see his other quotes, see quotes related to or similar to that quote, and give the gift of wisdom by purchasing some of the fine merchandise available with various quotes.

So, go plant your wisdom tree. It has to be better than the crap already on Twitter, and maybe you'll gain a little bit of wisdom.