Can even the human form grow tiring?
This ORGY of a culture we
presuppose to be endlessly entertaining - perpetually self-gratifying -
could it all be an elementary school yard game?
Our brains are
slowly connecting the dots - understanding that humans are not some
special gift from the heavens brought to Earth to use the elements and
other beings to fuel our desires and build our civilizations and
reproduce until we collapse.
The power of the sexual body to drive
us to lust (for example), a deeply primal and psychologically embedded
natural drug that keeps us mating incessantly.
A dopamine reward system that enigmatically evolved -
Where in the web of life it began is irrelevant -
The fact is, the search for drug rewards rules every second of the life
of every single life form; whether natural or "artificial".
If we are truly conscious of being conscious we would recognize this.
We would refine our destructive ways and sustain this Eden indefinitely would we not?

We would satisfy ourselves with blissful concoctions and create an Utopia.
But such a thing or place does not exist except in a fleeting moment.

Where the sun meets the sea

Poets know this, yet even they live only in bursts.
For that is all that life knows -
to live
to die.
We ARE the Wild Human