If you are used to shopping at Whole Paycheck Foods, you don't mind paying a lot more so you can assuage your liberal 1% guilt with terms like 'nutritionally superior' and 'ethically superior' and ... well ... anything that comes before 'superior'.

But don't go nuts. Literally. The nuts are $18 a pound at Whole Foods, 2-3X what people pay at stores where the middle class shop. Plenty of other things are overpriced and buying organic pineapples or onions is more of an IQ test than a shopping choice. Whole Foods is out to make money so they claim some things you should always buy there, including some on this list, but flowers, gift cards and chocolate? Why?

But some things are a good deal. On Reddit two months ago, an anonymous poster was kind enough to post them and it has, to date, 2,681 upthumb thingies so it must be accurate. Reddit is never wrong. It seems that at Whole Foods employees get up to a 30% discount based on their 'health' so there were some things that were not smart purchases, even with the discount - like meat and produce and milk, basically the reasons people really go to stores. But other things were, also without the discount.

People on a budget (meat and such were invalidated despite claims about the 'ethical' meat and eggs at Whole Foods by commenters), who can afford to work there but not eat there, shop somewhere else - except for this stuff, which made sense even though they are not really stapeles - because they work there. 

If you don't work there, but really like to go to Whole Foods and not have to spend time around middle class income people or below, here are 5 things you can get and not feel robbed.