Some menopausal women experience night sweats and hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy is the standard of care for menopausal patients, but not all women are good candidates for it and then some simply don't trust science and medicine; they buy organic food, worry about cellphone radiation, and have read Facebook posts claiming hormone replacement therapy puts them at increased risk for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Hops are labeled a natural alternative to medicine because they contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant-based compounds that mimic the action of female sex hormones, whose deficiency is considered to be the root of symptoms often felt by women in menopause.
Maria-Rosa was a robust woman in her late forties with a loud voice and an infectious laugh. She was a project manager at a local contracting firm, a grandmother, and a born nurturer. During her multiple visits to the emergency department, she got to know some of the staff and was constantly asking after their little ones and offering them her brand of “take-no-prisoners” life advice.
The Scream is not one work of art but several; two paintings, two pastels, several lithographic prints and a few drawings and sketches. Edvard Munch  was a practical artist so if the check cleared he would make another.

His original Tempera on Cardboard is the most well-known version and can be found in Oslo’s National Gallery (Nasjonalmuseet) while his least liked version is crayon on cardboard. After the first was sold he made another two years later, in pastel on cardboard, and it is a lot less gloomy than the original. Probably because of the money he was getting. He then painted another Tempera on Cardboard in 1910 because the others had sold.
The biggest cause of bee die-offs is just random luck. For as long as bee numbers have been reported there have been reports of sudden, large-scale die-offs. Nature is out to kill them like it is all of us. Yet more recently, it has been found that we can help bees make their own luck. Pesticides wipe out varroa mites, the greatest enemy bees have.
The text below is the fourth part of what could have become "Chapter 13" of the book "Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab", which I published in 2016. For part 1 see here; for part 2 see here; for part 3 see here.

The WHO have been hugely misreported by the media. Mike Ryan said that if we develop a safe and effective vaccine for COVID19 we also have to deploy it. We can do this. If we vaccinate enough people to eradicate this virus, it is a "beacon of hope" for the way we care about our world citizens.

Mike Ryan points out that we have a safe and effective vaccine for measles but haven't eliminated it from the world although we know how to do this.

[We have eradicted it from the Americas, last case July 2015 in Brazil. Measles elimination in the America]

Though coronavirus is a new name for much of the world, microbiologists have worried about it for half a century. It is in the same family as the common cold virus but with the right mutation it can be deadly to those with risk factors for respiratory diseases because it is common like the common cold.

To microbiologists, the world is filled with pathogens so predicting the next plague when nature is always out to kill us can verge on paranoia; instead we are fortunate most new crises never happen. Let's hope that worry about global spread of the multi-resistant pathogen Stenotrophomonas maltophilia fizzles out also.
A new paper has implicated a physiologic mechanism in vegetation as a cause for Arctic warming.

The "greenhouse effect" is well-known by now, water vapor that plants emit during photosynthesis serves to lower land surface temperature, similar watering the yard on a hot day, but it can lead to a rise in air temperature.

The new paper finds that the Arctic temperature rises when the moisture released by plants is reduced due to the increase of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) in the atmosphere. The increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration closes the pores (stomata) of plants in high-latitude areas and reduces their transpiration, which they find ultimately accelerates Arctic warming. 
Conservation groups have frequently sued the U.S Army Corps of Engineers claiming that government scientists do not "properly" evaluate the environmental impacts of its plans to mitigate flood risk.
When states and nations began to implement forced lockdowns to combat COVID-19, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that has now killed 20,000 more people than the flu did two years ago, there was relatively little mention of mental health. For those who wanted to stay home and learn to bake bread, it was a paid vacation, but for those more susceptible to psychological stress it is a risky time.