Scienceagogo claims that having sex when you are sick can boost your immune system. “Healthcare Magic” seems to bring the question of is it ok to have sex when sick or with a flu mainly down to whether you infect others. The most important result of my whole last week: If you are already sick with the sniffles, just don’t do it! No matter how sexy she (or whatever rocks your boat) is – it isn’t worth the risk.

I did it again – little self restraint that I have – and now I am paying for it again, and dearly this time. I was almost through it, could not hold out another day, and so it came back with a vengeance. 0.7 gram Paracetamol (acetaminophen) every four hours could not get the fever down. The brain splitting headache and fever were so strong that it felt like my bodies are all having two halves dangling from the eyes. Then it lifted somewhat and I found my bodies were not split. Now it is back to the point where I realize that I actually have only one body, surprise surprise, and I even can write a blog post.

The pope knows it, the meditating Buddha’s know it, and although all this is nothing to evidence based science, my anecdotal evidence also confirms it beyond a shred of my doubt: What comes shooting out of us poor males every time is the pure life force, vital amino acids and bio-glycosides wrapped around chi or chakra energy or whatever that is in all its face and depression lifting goodness*.

Those proteins that are needed to prepare the next shot are those your immune system needs to make the antibodies to fight that cold, I am telling you. Ok ok, I may be completely wrong here as medicine is not my field (please enlighten me in the comments), but one thing is for sure: There is some sort of compromise going on! And it is not the exhaustion from the movement! I didn’t move. I was still a little sick and so it was a clear throughout: No movement to be expected from my end of the deal. Result: Sick sick sick!

I swear: Never Again!

* Straw-woman: Sascha, apart from being entirely unscientific here, could you at least cut out this totally male point of view ranting and women degrading, vile language about “face-skin stretching, depression lifting” or whatever that was you chauvinist pig?!?

Oi – listen Strawman, I am still having fever right now, leaving zero energy for political correctness today, and by the way, you look totally gay in drag. If this kind of humor goes too far, Hank can cut it out if he likes. I am back to bed for another two days.


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