Any justification is fundamentally deception because there is no link from fundamental meaninglessness to why I should go on living. My a priori finding myself embodied in a world and the necessary physical causal creation myth involving emergence by algorithmic evolution necessitates my finding myself evolved to keep on living as one main irrational basis underlying all my rationalizations (for any evolved observer in any possible world). Also quite inevitably found by any acting conscious observer is his seeking embedding in social structure, because that is the substrate where the illusive feeling of responsible action in the now (“free will”) evolves in the first place; being forced to justify in such a way as seemingly consistent with the deceptions of the social environment. The latter, i.e. emergence of “conscious decisions” via ‘Myth of Jones’ scenarios, originates in the high efficiency of deception, known throughout evolved nature, because social selection according to whether systems simply follow a set of self-consistent (not self-contradicting or frustrated) stable rules does not necessitate the emergence of (self-)deceptive justification and the related illusion of being a responsible actor.

Given pervasive deception anyway, social systems evolve to demand allegiance by offering obvious falsehoods, at times deliberately in place of truths that would be more rationally convincing for the officially stated aims behind the enforced lie – I should perhaps call them ‘Obedience Confirmation Lies’ (OCL). This forces the sub-systems to semi-consciously “sell their souls to the devil” as the admission ticket to the social system. Henceforth, the admitted is always under control, by the threat of black mail, by being no longer able to easily join a competing alternative social system that is based on other lies. (“How could you have agreed with their atrocious lies before – we cannot ever trust you!”)

This works well, but in any such social system, an evolutionary ‘red queen race’ gets naturally started, emerging in the market place of power struggles and virtue signaling. At first, you are still allowed to say that you personally cannot know the truth, as long as you do not actively deny the “truth” of the enforced lies, for example those many WW2 propaganda lies concerning the “6 million”. [I take this example also because it falls into the category of ‘Obedience Confirmation Lies’ (OCL), i.e. lies that are naively evaluated unnecessary and counterproductive in the sense of that the truth would be far more rationally convincing for the officially stated aims behind enforcing the lies so vigorously – after all, the exaggerations add nothing substantially but mainly the fact that the story is full of exaggerations and thus immediately untrustworthy.]. After some time, simply daring to state that “I personally cannot know” becomes denial, “holocaust denial” in our example of the “6 million” OCL.

We are forced to add another lie, about what we can personally know about. Similar to being personally caught in impossible lies when protecting previous lies with more lies, every further level of deception increases the obviousness of the lying, as we are forced to ever more deny all of reality and logic, for example being allowed to officially publish on the possibility of believing in god or being trapped in virtual reality, thus claiming the possibility of being completely deceived about everything, but still having to agree with that “the holocaust” cannot possibly be a lie. Putting it maximally sarcastic: The quantum state of the universe may be in total Everett superposition without any quantum state collapse being objective anywhere, description dual to quantum solipsism type virtual reality, except for the holocaust; the whole multiverse collapsed around Auschwitz. In fact, for simply pointing out this obvious idiocy, I might well be incarcerated if I return to any Western European country! (But nobody ever listens to me, and there are perhaps two Aspergers reading these lines down here, so there is little danger.)

You must lie not just directly but also about that you do not or cannot know concerning many issues, depending on which social structures you are part of, which nation, which family, circle of friends, company, … and you shut up about most or rather all actually relevant issues.

But evolution never stops. When most already are silent about something, you cannot just be silent anymore in order to deflect suspicions against you. Now you are expected to actively pronounce the lie, cry real tears for Dear Leader, dance your spastic social dances so well as to trigger true conviction in your fellow apes, about your own true positive belief in the lie, and so on.

The holocaust nonsense, or the denial of human races mentioned in Part I (often by progressives who otherwise claim to believe in evolution in order to bash religion), are just two well known examples for this evolution of deceptions upon deceptions, denying truth in spite of accelerating problems largely caused by the denial, until tensions violently re-adjust to start the game over again with other deceptions.

And so, social structure and humans co-evolve, day in and day out throughout absorbed in deceptive functioning, mainly inside our own brains.

No – nothing requires me to add anything positive here, to suggest any "solution". The point is precisely not to immediately run for the next idiocy, but to calmly behold the darkness made transparent. The dark stays dark, the light comes from your heart.