has now been announced. PZ Myers’ “Pharyngula” and Ed Brayton’s “Dispatches from the Culture Wars” together with three other blogs start a new network.

The scienceblogs “science blogs” gotten somewhat better over the years with some silly blockheads leaving, but one of the worst, PZ Meyers, known for tiny little snippets of vitriol of pseudo-progressive populism that panders to the stupid “skeptics” crowd (the self-righteous feel superior about bashing morons with silly non-arguments type), seemed to never want to go away, giving science blogging a very bad reputation.

Now finally, they are at least splitting the vitriol from the science they at times still throw in here and there. As you can read on Facebook: will be THE central gathering place for atheists, humanists, skeptics and freethinkers in the blogosphere.
This is of course ridiculous since the main blogs are more about republican bashing than about anything else and there is very little reasonable skepticism ever on those blogs, but it is nevertheless good news for science blogging generally if those that give science blogging a bad name finally go and blog under a different category. “Freethought” (free of what actually – reason?) sounds as kooky as any crackpottery and is a much better heading than “science”.

So, they will put the ridiculous twitter like hater posts under the “freethought” label instead. This preemptive surrender is quite the behavior one expects from establishment douche bags that exploit the pseudo-progressive niche. You cannot tell me that they would have done this move without NatGeo coming along. Now they self-censor without a fight.

PZ on Google Profile:
I will still be maintaining my relationship with Scienceblogs and National Geographic, but only select content will appear there: that is, science, anti-creationism, that sort of thing...the openly anti-religious material will be on FtB only
Anti-creationism stays but anti-religion not - that will be a fine line. So it is the mirror site trick then - just insurance that in case NatGeo kicks him out, he is already somewhere else.