Whether you are new to blogs or a practised poster, Eureka’s Top 30 Science Blogs will not disappoint. After much heated debate, the Eureka team have picked 30 of their favourite science, environment, health and technology blogs. If you want to know more about the latest NHS catastrophe or climate change scandal, someone on our list will have it covered.

So, now we’ve shown you ours, we want you to show us yours. We know our 30 blogs are not exhaustive; they’re a subjective take on the best bloggers out there. We’d like you to help us us to compile the definitive list, the Top 100 Science Blogs. Send the name and url of your favourites to eureka@thetimes.co.uk, with “Best blogs” in the subject line.

Two that I read that are missing from this Eureka list are Neurophilosophy (yes, I know, another on scienceblogs) and Bad Science. Ben Goldacre does write for the Guardian so perhaps the Times didn't want to advertise a competing newspaper.

However, where are all the ScientificBlogging blogs? None appear on this highly subjective Top 30 but the opportunity is there to get some SB bloggers into their eventual Top 100. The email for nominations is above - and you can always copy your email in the comments below.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the Eureka selections, with descriptions removed to save space:

2d goggles

Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait

A Blog Around The Clock by Bora Zivkovic

Boing Boing

Cancer Research UK Science Update by Kat Arney, Henry Scowcroft, Ed Yong

Deltoid by Tim Lambert

Earth Watch by Richard Black

Effect Measure by “Revere”

Genetic Future by Daniel MacArthur

Gimpy’s blog by Gimpy


Jack of Kent (1)

The Intersection by Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum


John Graham-Cumming

Laelaps by Brian Switek

Lay Science by Martin Robbins

The Loom by Carl Zimmer

Mind Hacks by Vaughan Bell&others

Nasa watch by Keith Cowing

Neuronculture by David Dobbs

Neurotopia by Scicurious and others

Not Exactly Rocket Science by Ed Yong

NHS Choices by Sir Muir Gray&others

Pharyngula by P.Z. Myers

RealClimate Various contributors

Respectful Insolence by “Orac”

Science Punk  by Frank Swain


Watts Up With That? by Anthony Watts

So... what do you think?

(1) Jack of Kent is a legal blog but he has been deeply involved in the Keep Libel Out of Science campaign.