Unless you live in a very deep cave somewhere uncharted, you no doubt have heard of the wonder that is Wikipedia. The intriguing site where the common individual can write and edit encyclopedic like entries on anything their minds can come up with. In recent years this phenom of a site has become the number one place to go when you need information. Scary as this sounds, it's true.

I myself check the Wiki regularly on all kinds of topics, from TV shows to Famous Figures. I like to think of it as being a good starting point in the long journey of research. I would never cite it in an actual paper, but I will say its settled a few arguments.

Why bring all this up you ask?

Well because I've made the half mad decision to join the WikiProject for Archaeology and become part of the group that bring you information on Archaeology. It's kind of a big step for me since I barely know how to use the Wiki beyond the search box, let alone make and edit pages. So yah, in my spare time I will be learning how to do these things, and then contributing.

Mainly I will focus on Midwest sties, and clarifying Methods, Principles, and Theory. They say the best way to learn is to teach, and its time I make that big leap. The nice thing will be that the community of editors will help keep me honest, or that's the hope anyway.

So to those of you who are also archaeologists out there, I extend a invitation to do as I have done, and come further the world of archaeology on the inter web, one reliable article at a time.

Look for my Talk Page on the Wiki.