Having returned from a Polymer Physics conference a couple of days ago, I felt the need to read one of the masters of the subject, Nobel laureate Pierre-Gilles de Gennes.   I came across this gem:

Fragile Objects: Soft Matter, Hard Science and the Thrill of Discovery by Pierre Gilles de Gennes and J. Badoz (read the link for a description).

Here I found this gem within a gem, a chapter entitled The Imperialism of Mathematics, which starts:
There exists a theorem that states: "Whenever an entrance examination is instituted in a scientific discipline, it invariably becomes an exercise in mathematics."
Since I wished to avoid putting loads of equations in my conference presentation (partly because in so doing I would be out of my depth) I prefaced the neutron scattering part of my talk with this picture (which I make available for public use)

saying "Now I don't want to get Lost in the Black Forest of Equations".  Sadly, that is how many physics projects, lectures, etc. end up.