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Are Missing Fingers In Gargas Cave Paintings The First Known Sign Language?

(Inside Science) -- Tens of thousands of years ago in what is now Europe, people held their hands...

How To Speak Cicada

(Inside Science) -- When you first hear it, a cicada chorus may sound like simple buzzing. But...

Discovered: WD 1586 B, A Planet That Survived The Death Of Its Star

(Inside Science) -- For the first time, an intact world may have been discovered around a white...

Rosalind Franklin’s Numerical Data Went Farther Than One Double Helix Picture

By Catherine Meyers, Inside Science (Inside Science) -- If you’ve heard the name Rosalind...

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By Emilie Lorditch, Inside Science
(Inside Science) – When I was in elementary school, I couldn't wait to get home to watch my favorite TV show, "3-2-1 Contact." Watching that show, I learned that science was fun and part of my everyday life. Seeing young women on the show – who were like older sisters that I wished I had – I believed that I could be a scientist too.

By Ker Than,  Inside Science

(Inside Science) -- Opinions rarely form in a vacuum. People are heavily influenced by the opinions of others in their social networks, whether they be real or virtual. Some people are not open to new ideas.

These are the zealots, who proselytize an opinion -- the superiority of Apple products, for example, or skepticism about climate change -- in the hopes of convincing others, while stubbornly resisting being influenced themselves.

Credit: Jon Olav Eikenes, CC-BY-SA

By: Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, Inside Science

(Inside Science) - Brain imaging can already pull bits of information from the minds of willing volunteers in laboratories. What happens when police or lawyers want to use it to pry a key fact from the mind of an unwilling person?

Will your brain be protected under the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment from unreasonable search and seizure?  


By Leigh Cooper, Inside Science

(Inside Science) – Two bottles of whole milk sit side-by-side in a supermarket refrigerator. One costs $3.46 per gallon while the other costs $7.08 per gallon.

The difference? The second bottle of milk is labeled organic.

DreamWorks Animation Foliage System "trees" in "How To Train Your Dragon." Courtesy of DreamWorks Animations

By Emilie Lorditch, Inside Science

By:  Karin Heineman, Inside Science

(Inside Science TV) – Shelley Tworoger, an epidemiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts studied ovarian cancer.

"This is one of the largest and oldest cohort studies in the world. We followed over 230,000 women over several decades and every two years they answered questionnaires about their lifestyle and health, in particular we asked them every 4 years to report back to us the kinds of foods that they eat. We used this information to look at what women ate and we followed them up to see who got ovarian cancer and who didn't," said Tworoger.