As old autism people like me, that came out kind of ok and missed Rain Man Era Politics met each other online to compare notes on our different kind of human thought process that has never been in a book before was highlighted. Our default thoughts are NOT your normal thoughts and until we figure out our sublevel autism thoughts your normal thought we now are able to use don't work.  In a nut shell, We think with your daydreams and our optic and brain generated vision is interchanged. When our OPTIC vision is off we think with your Daydreams (loose term) and once we figure out those brain generated picture thoughts normal thoughts result.  Indeed, I am talking about Autism's lack of eye contact.

As our anthropology met online many of us had a milestone expeience when we seen a picture of a cave person's  wall  stone carving on a cave wall.  (1960's National Geographic) The caption for the picture was "dinner order" how to kill  dinner but all of us autisitc's knew it to be an explanation of how to take picutre in picutre thought (beyond what Temple Grandin writes about) and convert it to normal thought so our OPTIC vision could remain on.  This is a vital step in makeing our thoughts normal as you know them. We need to break from the brain genreated picture thoughts that we think with that also cancel out optic vision to having our OPTIC vision on all the time.  This was a key to the equation.   So this drawing on the cave wall was NOT a dinner order but a first grade class room frozen in time.

Since no Expert knows of our deep thoughts and the thoughts man uses are shorcut thoughts  he is clueless to his building blocks of the mind. The autism thoughts we learned on our own have proved to be the long hand version of human thought and have roots deep into the caveperson and animal kingdom. I predict even Parrits talk with the same picture thought , thought base we do . Admit to our Autism anthropology and discover the living misisng link.  Modern Autism will not be keen on the ideal ,trust me, as it will cripple their Autism is a puzzle campaign and no billion dollar empire will stand there and be humiluated with the facts they forgot as they made  autism a puzzle. Lets make Autism a puzzle solved! Mankind will be the beneificary ,his mind will be figured out and man will discover his mind is not all that complex or deep down beautiful- it is more like a talking photo album.   Sorry for the bad news .  Rich Shull 

Rich is Invenor of the Turing Motor a Green triple Hybrid Car motor running on gas, compressed Air and Electric. It has one central spinning cylinder and  no up and down moving parts. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built had they understood their own from an Engineering point of view.