Perhaps one of the most outstanding sides to autism is the "Islands of Genius" . Weather we are the famous Rain Man type Savant or Einstein or even well hidden fairly normal people that figured out all of autism it is all the same autism. The normal minds of the even the best researchers use trying to figure us out and research us to death have never been there or done that in terms of experiencing the real autism thoughts we have learned on our own mostly by happenstance are simply the sub level thoughts of the mind.  Every single human could do the Savant thing and be Einstein it is a natural part of the human sub level mind that psychology doesn't even know about. 

This is the sublevel section of the human mind that we discovered during the autism lack of eye contact when we were privileged to see, discover and figure out the one by one thoughts that make our now normal thoughts work. They are the key to the human mind.  While we were daydreaming as all the normal people see it while we displayed the 'lack of eye contact '  now so famous in autism  circles we were actually looking into the mind. If science could have done the same thing with a computer monitor it could share the same inner working and picture thoughts -daydream thoughts- we were experiencing. It would witness like we did the Einstein side of things and the very primitive ,yes primitive, thoughts that make the mundane tasks work. It would shockingly experience like we did how all those picture thoughts compile and develop and eventually get short cutted into a watered down package we know -you know as normal thoughts. In other words we have seen the internal building block thoughts that make the mind work.

All of the best minds  mankind has to offer ,the brightest and the most acclaimed researchers in most any field are simply spinning their wheels as their normal thought base is already short cutted Einstein thoughts. With out the whole picture or knowing the baseline thoughts of the roots of their minds they MISS the ability to think really deep and indeed the chance to solve  the very trouble they are seeking answers for. Psychology if it knew about the mind would never start kindergarten with ABC and the 123's but rather tap into our day dream lack of eye contact  thoughts our daydream thoughts and then we would  be able to flip all the right switches at the right times and produce very well adjusted people that might never have personality issues  learning issues like dyslexia or obsessions.  There are several layers of  internal mind that all have to be there and connected correctly before normal thoughts work. You can't read unless you know the alphabet and likewise your mind needs to know the internal picture thoughts that have never been in a text book before before we can pull off totally normal human thought.   All of this Picture thought business BUILDS on the work of Temple Grandin author of the book Thinking in Pictures. It is too bad the self elected experts of autism that think they know her so well don't. It is a crime they (an ignorant one) they don't realize they are sitting on the very foundation of the mind. It is a disaster and a big blunder that the normal expert researchers of psychology think autism is a disorder (I know it presents like that) but it is nothing more than than the nuts and bolts of the mind or the single one by one thoughts that make us as humans flow.


There is so much Psychology to harvest and harness that it will solve all of man's deep thought issues. If this psychology were known we could go to the psychologist and come out cured just like we take a vigra or an aspirin today.  We could re program people and the serial killer or the rapist would be cured. Dyslexia would be a simple one or two visits to the psychologist office. Those with learning issues could be reprogrammed to use the ability they do have to make their life useful. School could be perfectly fitted to match the ability of the student and for sure we would have lots more Einstein's. Those with nasty personality issues including Narcissism could have an intensive psychology session or two and be cured from their incomplete thoughts that make them so nasty. I found the social thoughts (our picture thoughts insight)  all need to be completed before we have normal socially acceptable thoughts and actions and many don't have that trick mastered in the sub level mind. There is a point in life when by default the mind makes its shortcuts  (normal thoughts are born) and if all the right switches are not flipped the 'normal' thoughts we get might not be so good.  This is where Psychology if it knew what we did could really be effective and tap into the very elements of the mind.  Alas this psychology and its insight is centuries away yet, mass ignorance of the human race is more potent than a million Einstein's together are.  Its all because we as humans are blind sided by our own "success". Honestly we should be embarrassed by it.      Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism.