It (catching a ball) was easy, I was 35 or so and for the first time  in my life caught a ball! To be able to do this I had to learn how to think  with both OPTIC and Brain Generated vision. Psychology has no clue we have two forms of vision that happen during the autism lack of eye contact and one is deep internal thoughts that cancel out optic vision. The other is normal optic vision that all humans share and most people use all the time with out much exception. 

While I was in special education  (we) were learning inadverently a different kind of human thought process that is based in your dreams and daydreams. We naturally think with those daydreams by default.  OUR OPTIC vision is canceled out and our brains replace the optic vision with a brain generated image we are supposed to think with. No one told us our optic vision was OFF and the brain made picutre playing threw our optic nerve (VERY CLOSE TO OPTIC VISION) was actually our thought system. It might well be your evolutionary thought system as well. So we eventually discover by happenstance our optic vision is not aways on and our vision is being made by our brain AND it is our Thoughts.  Once we discover these never in a book before thoughts and build on the work  of autisticTemple Grandin who Wrote Thinking in Picutres we come out with NORMAL Thoughts just like you use. IF we are right normal thoughts are SHORCUTS. IF this is right it is why man has never figured out his mind, made the link in evolution as we have been thinking in shortcuts all along.

These thoughts span from mr/dd to Einstein and explain everything psychology from stutteing to dyslexia to personality issues galore. Savants , the village idiot the serial killer and even normal people all have a picture thought road map in their mind and it can be mapped, It can be figured out (i hope) and then used in psychology.  Man's mind is not pretty ,grand or smart, its more of a photo album that talks. Sorry wish I had prettier news. 

By the Way catching that ball was easy as I had learned the sublevel thought process that allows me to control my optic and brain generated vision and thus I have eye contact today when I need it. It is good for Driving, body language and yes even catching a ball! Dive deep into those lack of eye contact thoughts (we can do it with all humans)  and you will discover the building blocks of the mind. ALL humans have the Einstein ability in them.   Rich Shull