Having just recently returned from our first Walt Disney World family vacation, we were thoroughly impressed with the incredible organization and overall pure dedication of all the “cast members” to making sure that you have a “magical experience.” It is also great to know that the company has an equally pure dedication to supporting regional and worldwide environmental citizen science opportunities.

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has recently focused on ten Florida-based efforts from their 2010 round of $1.5 million in global funding initiatives. The funding works toward supporting the sustainability of endangered species around the world, and this year is helping with the restoration of coral reefs, sea turtles, and the scrub-jay bird in Florida.

The scrub-jay project is particularly interesting here because it is part of a citizen science program from the Nature Conservancy’s Jay Watch. The funding will bring about the recruitment of volunteers who will work across the state of Florida inventorying and mapping the bird’s habitats.

Learn more about how the DWC is supporting this citizen science program, and although the training is closed for the summer session, you may still consider taking part if you happen to be lucky enough to live near the Magic Kingdom.

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Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund :: The Nature Conservancy’s Jay Watch