Clark v. Monsanto Co., 20STCV46616, filed by personal injury lawyers for Destiny Clark, was based on Clark's claim that the weedkiller Roundup was used outside their home and her belief it caused her son Ezra Clark's Burkitt's lymphoma. The company knew it caused cancer and refused to warn people, she alleged.

The case failed in court and trial lawyer advocates like US Right To Know will now be scrambling to do damage control for their clients.

San Francisco is the ideal place to file these lawsuits. They tried to ban Happy Meals and golf. Marin County next door had some schools with MMR vaccination rates so low (under 30%) the state had to pass a law banning arbitrary exemptions for children. An earlier case against the weedkiller won there, before being hammered on appeal. In appeals court, science matters. In jury trials, emotion does. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, only works on a pathway that humans don't have. It only exists in plants. A gigantic study of actual farmworkers who use pesticides each day showed no differences in cancer. 

The science was enough for a Los Angeles jury.