A news article says that 2024 fact checkers are having a hard time keeping up with all of the disinformation and misinformation surrounding the American presidential election. While progressive activists want to allege it's only by the right-wing, that isn't true at all.(1) 

It used to be that the left-wing would uncover some new tactic, win, and then the right-wing would try to catch up. For example, Democrats utilized social media during the 2008 election so masterfully that Senator Obama reneged on his promise to obey campaign finance reform, leaving his opponent stuck with public financing, and outspent Republicans by 100 percent and with journalists not wanting to risk their candidate losing, yet it didn't get covered.(2)

They couldn't get away with that today, but both sides will try. Language Learning Models, colloquially called AI by marketing departments selling the stuff, make it much easier to create convincing claims than in the past. Lawyers won't get replaced, we can't even replace an out-of-control unlimited liability tort system that makes products more expensive and helps no one except yacht salesmen for attorneys, but paralegals will. Accounts and bookeepers will also go the way of bank tellers when ATM technology worked out the problems.

Farmers will be fine with AI. Environmentalists and other anti-science activists will be easily replaceable. Credit: Shutterstock

The anti-science left will also be first and most successful to weaponize AI against farmers and agriculture, and that means a whole lot of low-level environmentalists will have to get new employment.(3) Farmers already got used to having the names, addresses, and phone numbers of them and their employees given to eco-terrorists, the Obama administration did that "by accident", but using AI, environmentalists will be able to write entire articles where farmers cackle over vats of Monsanto bragging about how they are killing Gaia.

None of it will be real and it won't work where it counts, because we need food. The one group immune to AI are farmers. Farmers, along with scientists, soldiers and other occupations that anti-science progressives hate can't be replaced by a computer the way environmentalists can. Environmental leaders only care about raising $3 billion a year, but they don't provide any tangible benefit the way farmers do, so they can use technology to make fundraising easier and cheaper - by replacing humans.

As companies scramble to keep costs contained during the worst inflationary hockey stick since the 1970s, AI is going to replace people so fast in so many areas that are reliable voting demographics that the Biden administration may try to mandate each CPU needs an H1B visa and a union card. It sounds far-fetched but we're in a world where a president tried to declare that a man-made pond on a farm was a "navigable" water for submarines, and that CDC could enact rent control on all landlords to save some elderly from COVID-19.

None of those tortured abuses of common sense and and power and the law will help AI replace farmers, though. Yet farmers should not despair they are being left out of The Revolution. AI could easily generate Jennifer Connelly's soothing voice on a tractor data screen telling them they can use fewer pesticides for the next acre, because real-time data of conditions shows it won't need it.


(1) Anti-science humanities scholars like Naomi Oreskes, PhD, routinely promote unfounded conspiracy theories about science while denying being paid by lawyers until under oath and knows that discovery has uncovered the truth.

(2)  In 2012, hapless Republicans responded by...recruiting a black guy to run. That didn't work but by 2016 they caught up in leveraging social media while Democrats were cluelessly believing their own polls which showed Trump was the perfect candidate to be defeated. He was not defeated, he actually went around their higher-funded political machine using social media, so they had to resort to claiming the election was 'stolen', which Republicans then also did after losing in 2020. 

(3) Professional protesters against Israel are still a hot field for progressive humanities majors, so that may be where some former environmentalists go, the rest will have to do something real.